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Every business says “we value and respect your privacy” in their privacy policy, then go on to state all the ways that they violate that value and respect (but couched in legalese so you have no idea what that means). We aim to be different here at CTSI LLC (CTSI).

At CTSI and its divisions (MDM Deals, Catalyst Tech Studio, The Prepared Expat), we don’t want to know anything about you but the bare minimum we need in order to serve you — and then we use that information in the way we would like our own information to be used. Here’s what that means:

What information we collect

If you visit our website(s)

Our website may use cookies so that our sites don’t bug you to sign up for our newsletters if you’ve already signed up or if you’ve already said “no.” And, stupidly enough (thank you cookie laws!), we save a cookie indicating you’ve given us permission to use cookies–that way we don’t have to bug you with that cookie prompt every single time.

Our sites may use Google Adsense to provide you with ads; I have no idea what they do with that; see their own confusing privacy policy for what they do.

If you sign up for our newsletter

Whatever information you provide to CTSI or its divisions will be stored in Mailchimp, a GDPR-compliant newsletter service that enables us to email you. Whatever information you provided can be updated or deleted at anytime, upon your request (just give us a few days to do it).

If you donate or tip CTSI’s work

If you give a tip or support CTSI or its divisions via Patreon, Buy Me a Coffee, or Kofi: See those websites for their privacy policies in how they treat your data. CTSI can see the following information, if you provided it: name, address, email, and phone number. CTSI can NOT see your payment or billing information.

If you buy a CTSI product

We will only collect from you the information you give to us. Most usually that is only name, address, email, and phone number. We are unable to see credit card information (provided via Stripe), but if you complete the ACH authorization, we will retain that authorization form as required by law.

CTSI uses Stripe for secure payment processing. See their website for their privacy policy–it’s robust and we’re happy to partner with them.

What we do with your information

What we do

Basically, we do nothing except talk with you or give you what you have asked us to. We use your name, email address, and phone number to contact you if we need to (e.g. a problem with your billing or order) and to send you our newsletter (if you signed up for that).

If your membership includes Q&A Access (e.g. The Prepared Expat memberships), then we may publicly answer questions you submit, but we will remove any and all personal information (name, gender, age, citizenship, country of residence, etc.). If extremely relevant to our answer (e.g. something specific to US Citizens), we will get your permission before including that personal information.

We may use your name and address to send you a thank-you note or Christmas card. Sending that mail may require that a third-party service, our family, and/or friends to see your address in order to post it in the mail.

What we don’t do

We don’t sell your information, period: Not to anyone, at any time, for any price, for any reason.

We don’t share your information with anyone without your authorization. If someone other than CTSI needs to have your information for a legitimate reason, we’ll ask your permission first before providing it.

We don’t sign you up for our newsletter without your express consent.

We don’t initiate any charges without your express authorization.

If you like legalese

Then you may also enjoy our Terms of Service and our Disclosures & Disclaimers pages.

Last updated 12/4/2020

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