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CTSI LLC (CTSI) owns and operates the following web properties, along with their related social media accounts: MDM Deals, The Prepared Expat, Catalyst Tech Studio, and MarkDMill . This page of disclosures, disclaimers, and other legal items apply to all properties named above and all author(s) of article(s) contained on said properties. See also CTSI’s privacy policy and Terms of Service, agreement to which is implied by using CTSI products, services, websites, social media channels, or other publication channels.

CTSI offers information for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to serve as a replacement for professional advice or instruction. You assume all risks if you choose to follow or not follow any training, advice, or recommendations by CTSI. Neither an individual author nor CTSI shall have liability or responsibility to any citizen, person, or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained on CTSI properties. If you follow—or do not follow—any advice, suggestion, or recommendation, you assume full responsibility and liability for your actions, inactions, stupidity, or carelessness, and the results of of those actions or inactions.

In providing information for educational purposes only, CTSI may advise actions or products that may be illegal in some regions, countries, states, or locales. In some locations, the mere possession of some items, even in a disassembled or uncombined state, may be illegal or could be considered criminal intent. Research your national, state/provincial, and local laws before taking any action. If you produce or obtain any item described by CTSI or follow any recommendation made by CTSI, you accept sole responsibility and liability for their possession, use, misuse, or abuse.

Do not treat CTSI’s articles as constituting medical, legal, investment, financial, or tax advice. Though CTSI may address such topics or give recommendations, they are based on CTSI experiences and should not take the place of advice from a qualified or certified expert in that field. For medical, financial, tax, and legal matters, please consult a qualified professional before implementing any recommendations from CTSI.

All opinions expressed are those of the author at the time of writing and do not necessarily reflect the views of sponsors, other writers, linked businesses or sites, or that same author at a different time. CTSI author(s) reserve the right to change their opinions, to contradict each other, to hold schizophrenically incompatible views, and to believe in Santa Claus if they really want to.

CTSI author(s) may hold shares of Apple (AAPL), other individual stocks, and/or mutual funds that contain companies about which CTSI writes or whose products they recommend. However, if CTSI could influence the market enough to make money through undue influence…well, let’s just say our founder wouldn’t being wearing an aluminum Apple Watch.

When a company or business has paid for a sponsorship, articles written for that sponsor will clearly be labeled “sponsor, ““promoted” or other similar language. CTSI may provide links to items, products, or services; such links are not to be construed as recommendations unless explicitly state. CTSI only gives recommendations for items which author(s), their family members, and/or people they trust use and recommended. CTSI does not solicite, sell, or accept paid recommendations or payment to review a product or service.

CTSI is not associated with any company, business, or product mentioned within its articles, except for limited affiliate relationships disclosed below.

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FTC Notice (per 16 CFR Part 255)
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On occasion, companies may give CTSI a free product, application, or service to test or review. If CTSI finds the product/application valuable, CTSI may keep it, which could be considered financial compensation. However, CTSI’s goal is always to (1) explicitly identify when this has occurred, (2) be as objective in assessment as humanly possible.

Other Disclaimers:
CTSI and Mark Miller are participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Utilizing a link may generate a paid commission to CTSI on qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you.

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