Terms of Service

Use of products and services provided by CTSI LLC (CTSI) and its divisions (MDM Deals, The Prepared Expat, Catalyst Tech Studio), including the websites, social media accounts, and other related properties, are subject to the following terms of service and conditions:

CTSI retains the copyright to all and any materials published or produced by CTSI. You may not reproduce, re-transmit, republish, or re-use any material published or produced by CTSI without express written consent. The only exception is that short quotations or references are acceptable, provided you provide full credit including a full link to the original source, your use does not change or alter the original meaning, and you use the material as a small portion of your longer, original work.

Your usage of CTSI properties implies agreement to CTSI’s disclaimers and disclosures as well as CTSI’s privacy policy.

MDM Deals Sponsorships-specific terms
MDM Deals reserves the right to reject a sponsorship for any reason, including nudity, profanity, bigotry, or other objectionable material. If your sponsorship is rejected, a full refund will be made within 5 business days after the time of cancelation.

Your sponsorship may be canceled by you with full refund up to 10 business days before the dates of the sponsorship run, but no refund will be granted if the sponsorship is cancelled within 10 days of the scheduled sponsorship.

If you desire to change the dates of your sponsorship run, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your change. A 10% change fee may apply.

We make no guarantee of impressions, clicks, downloads, or purchases from this sponsorship.

If your app/product is available through amazon.com, iTunes, or the App Store, or other affiliate partners, our affiliate code(s) will be used as part of the sponsorship. 

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